We live in a new world

For a few days there has been an unfamiliar mood on our earth. #Speed ​​is rampant and people and their talents are being overtaken more and more by high-tech products.

So that we can adapt to these changes together in this new world, we have created an alternative world on board our BUONA ONDA.

To leave the hustle and bustle of civilization behind and relax on the ocean – relax, eat richly and get physically involved – “feeling good is guaranteed”.

Our Codex: We create our reality together. As a crew on a ship, humans are part of nature.

Together we learn to use THIS / OUR nature with respect.
The wind drives us, the sun provides energy, we turn the sea water into drinking water and the local farmers and fishermen supply us with their fresh produce.

Everyone can hire us individually or as a group. Enjoy your personal journey through time for a moment and experience the “modern past”.